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  1. Results!

    October 1, 2012 by Crystal

    I can’t just talk about my motivation from previous posts and not show the results, can I? So, a post with results.

    I’ve finished the hat sample for my new pattern. Not sure if it needs testing or not as I have a random idea for it that I need to work the math out for. If it doesn’t work out I’m not quite sure how I will publish the pattern but I do want to get it out!

    Rowan (who has been growing like a weed and can crawl now!) looks really stinking cute in it!

    Magical Gnome Hat

    Magical Gnome Hat

    Can’t wait to figure this one out, hopefully I can get it out before the end of October on time for Xmas knitting.

    And here are some more shots of her in her BSJ, complete with the buttons I found.

    Rowan's BSJ

    Rowan's BSJ

    I’ve also been working on a selfish knit for myself. Finally getting close to having these gloves complete! I hope I don’t struggle on the fingers for the second glove. I hate knitting fingers almost as much as eating liver.

    Gloves, for ME!

  2. A Button and Motivation

    August 21, 2012 by Crystal

    So despite my lack of button-fu, I managed to find great buttons for Rowan’s BSJ. For the first time ever I will be entirely satisfied with the buttons on a knitted garment. It’s a milestone and I’m hoping that the luck continues on for the rest of my knitting days. Behold, the perfect buttons:

    Button Perfection

    Aren’t they great? I LOVE them. I just need to decide if I want to do all purple, all teal, or a mix like shown in the picture. Thoughts?

    The other little bit of news is that I suddenly have some motivation to knit. Who knows what possessed me, but I’ve booked a booth at a gift fair (fayre here for some reason) and I now need to knit stock to sell. It’s been nice as I’ve actually been doing things with yarn the past week and feel good about it. I do have loads of time I can knit because Rowan is such a good little lady and likes to play and explore on her own for bits of time throughout the day. So yeah, knitting. Who knew!

    Light and Shadows Cowl

    This is a Light and Shadows Cowl I am knitting up to sell. I also have a few children’s hats and men’s hats done. The fair takes place near the end of September and I feel like I will have a decent amount of knits as well as some homemade jewelry I’ve had around the place for a while. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress!

  3. Buttons Impossible

    May 31, 2012 by Crystal

    There are two universal truths about my knitting.

    1. If it can shrink, I will most likely shrink it.

    2. I can never find proper buttons.

    The buttons are such an issue for me that I wish it was easier to sew zippers into knitwear. Of course, my obscenely picky nature and the tendency of zippers in knitwear to buckle make that a bad option.

    I have some fantasy of stumbling across a yard sale or a perfect ebay listing of a bucket of buttons of such variety that I could never want for a button again. I have been known to spend a half hour or more just searching through listings of buttons. Sad, sad life.

    And the recent need for buttons is for my newest (nearly) finished knit.

    Rowans BSJ

    Five buttons are needed for this BSJ. It’s for Rowan, and I want to give it to her for her first birthday. I have six months to find some buttons. That would seem like an immense amount of time to a non-knitter, or even a non-button-handicapped knitter. But to me… to me that seems like a challenge. Six months to find buttons for a sweater that I really like. A gift of knitwear that will be the first one my little girl most likely opens on her own. A sweater that she will be able to wear for six months or more as babies just grow that little bit slower at that age.

    I need the PERFECT buttons.

    Rowans BSJ

    BSJ was knit out of 3 skeins of Noro Nobori. I added a hood and some cuffs.

    If anyone out there sees some perfectly suitable buttons please send them my way. I’ll owe you one (or a dozen!).