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  1. Results!

    October 1, 2012 by Crystal

    I can’t just talk about my motivation from previous posts and not show the results, can I? So, a post with results.

    I’ve finished the hat sample for my new pattern. Not sure if it needs testing or not as I have a random idea for it that I need to work the math out for. If it doesn’t work out I’m not quite sure how I will publish the pattern but I do want to get it out!

    Rowan (who has been growing like a weed and can crawl now!) looks really stinking cute in it!

    Magical Gnome Hat

    Magical Gnome Hat

    Can’t wait to figure this one out, hopefully I can get it out before the end of October on time for Xmas knitting.

    And here are some more shots of her in her BSJ, complete with the buttons I found.

    Rowan's BSJ

    Rowan's BSJ

    I’ve also been working on a selfish knit for myself. Finally getting close to having these gloves complete! I hope I don’t struggle on the fingers for the second glove. I hate knitting fingers almost as much as eating liver.

    Gloves, for ME!

  2. Continuing Apace

    March 14, 2012 by Crystal

    It’s been a bit busy around here. It was so busy that I didn’t have time to mention that I went to ROME! I know, it’s crazy. If you would have told me 15 years ago that I will have lived in two countries other than Canada and been to places like Rome I would have laughed! I feel so lucky.

    Rome was magnificent. The weather was perfect and the city itself is beyond amazing. I am going to try and get my pictures onto flickr as soon as I can (I also have pictures of my first England trips that I need to post as well, talk about delayed!).

    There was knitting done while I was away. The gloves which are a replacement for those damn socks are looking good.

    Entangled Stitches

    This is the second time I have knit this pattern, Entangled Stitches. Last time I used Knitpicks Gloss in a beige, and this time I am using Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine. I have to say I think the stitch definition was better with the Gloss, but the alpaca is warmer and I like the colour a lot more. The subtle shading in the yarn doesn’t help either, but who cares with such a gorgeous colour and smooth feel.

    For reference, here is the pair in Gloss:

    Winding Gloves

    These were gifted to my mom. You really can see the travelling stitches a lot better with it, but I just don’t like them as much. What do you think, is my current choice a mistake compared to the last pair?

    Even though the charts for this knit can make you cross eyed, I think I will be knitting it several more times (because everyone I know who sees them wants a pair!). I love it when I buy a pattern and get to knit it several times. Two Christmases ago I had a thing for Garter Stitch Mitts made from leftover stash, I’ve knit several EZ BSJ’s (I also got more Noro Nobori, so will be able to finish up that BSJ I currently have on the needles), two Rona Lace Shawls, and I could keep knitting Baby Bell Bottoms until the cows come home.

    Speaking of knitting, I am off to do some now. And edit some photos…

  3. More Gifts, BWAHAHAH

    November 30, 2010 by Crystal

    I feel very powerful at the moment. It seems that whatever project I pick up I magically finish! Remember that old Batman sitcom where there was a cartoony exclamation with every big hit or punch? Well BLAM!

    Winding Gloves

    Take that, Christmas! What you got now, huh? I said HUH?!?!?!

    I am so glad to have finished these. In case it’s been a while, these are the Entangled Stitches pattern knit out of Knitpicks Gloss started in October of 2009! They took so long because the amount of torque the twisted stitches caused my wrists was entirely unacceptable. Also I probably hate knitting fingers. In the end, now that the pain is gone, I can admire them and love them for their beauty. And I kinda want to knit another pair? These are a gift and if I knit another pair not only will they be for me, but they will be knit months from now when they annoyance is far from my memory.

    And BOP!

    Winding Gloves

    Another picture just for fun. They are so damn charming.

    Also, BOOF!

    Cloche Hat

    A gift hat, completed and knit in about a day. Who’s your daddy now, Xmas?!?! Not so tough when you’re getting totally OWNED, are you? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Run away whimpering.

    If you get any funny ideas I want you to know that SMACK!


    Okay, so it’s not as impressive when I don’t have a picture. But I have another hat finished and a third one started! BWAHAHHAA! Christmas, I laugh at your puny calendar and deadlines!

    Now that I have talked my mouth off I am sure to suffer some sort of knit related disaster. Yarn moths, maybe a broken throwing finger, perhaps suddenly being stuck with colour blindness. All of those things would be well deserved after my bragging. I just couldn’t resist! It’s not often I feel ahead of the game and I wanted to wallow in it. We can all return to our regular scheduled programming now.

  4. I Squish Your Head!

    October 31, 2010 by Crystal

    There has been progress on one of my languishing WIPs. I am SO GLAD because it sometimes feels like my knitting queue is moving at a glacial place.

    I Squish Your Head!!!

    I have finished one of the Entangled Stitches (rav link) gloves. They are really great gloves, classic styling with some interest from all the motion created with the travelling stitches. Thanks to Matt for being a blurry good sport for the pictures.

    The second glove is past the start of the thumb gusset due to all the sports I have watched this weekend. Yep, knitting in a pub while watching Football (the English kind) will definitely get you some progress on your knitting.

    This coming week I want to finally finish processing that Romney fleece I have been combing. And maybe I need a new hat. It’s getting COLD out there folks! What have you been knitting for the fall weather?

  5. Owning Up – WIPS

    July 19, 2010 by Crystal

    This Thursday I will be going on vacation. There will be no sewing and no spinning while I am gone (well, maybe a drop spindle). As sad as that may be, it gives me the opportunity to sort out my current WIP’s and actually get some knitting done. So, let’s have at it!

    Winding Gloves

    OH YEAH! Knitting! I can do that! These gloves are awesome, and will definitely be packed in my bag. Because they are an advanced Christmas gift I don’t need to bust any proverbial balls to get them done. It would be nice to finish them up though, just to have them cleared out. I started these in October 2009!

    Tackasterpiece Throw

    The throw! Not really knitting, more crocheting. This is definitely coming with as I only have 8 more circles to do. I also think it will be good plane work as last time I went to Europe they TOOK MY KNITTING NEEDLES AWAY. I know. I nearly cried. I had to take them right off of a sleeve! But this time, with a blunt looking crochet hook and some granny looking crochet, I should be safe.

    Detail of Stole

    Do you guys know what this is? Anyone? Hrm, not surprising that this may not be at the forefront of your memories. I started it in March of 2006. 2006!!! What the hell?!?! It’s a stole knit out of some beautiful habu yarn. This pattern definitely looks like little spiders on individual webs to me. I had a border picked out and was all set to do that, but then I decided it wasn’t long enough. Until recently, the fortitude to finish this was about nonexistant. I am definitely bringing this with me and sorting it out. Time to get this done once and for all!

    The last two lingering UFO’s are meeting the frog pond this week. I am not going to finish them and it’s best I just reclaim the yarn.

    Gradual Socks

    Poor Zauberball socks. I love this yarn, but hate it as socks. Something will be done with it, just not this… mess… ugh.

    Spinnaker Throw

    Dear Mr. Lumpy blanket that will never be. I feel bad for pretending like you were going to exist. I’m sorry.

    So, that’s it! Other than some mending projects I am all clean. Three things will be coming with me on my trip, and hopefully some make it back as finished garments. I think I may have one more post in me if I have time before I go. There was some last minute sewing and I would love to be able to share it with you before I fly out.

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