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  1. Very Braidy

    January 10, 2012 by Crystal

    What a whirlwind it’s been! Adjusting to life with a baby would be a bit easier if I didn’t have a cluster feeder on my hands, and if I didn’t end up with a horrible case of mastitis complete with a fever of 102.6. After several days of antibiotics I am starting to feel significantly more human. Now I hope I can get on with things!

    I have a FO for you from before Christmas. It’s the A Very Braidy Cowl pattern. The main yarn is RYC Soft Tweed, which is nice to work with and quite soft. I didn’t have quite enough yarn to make it the circumference I wanted, so I made a button band out of some white yarn in a similar gauge and added some buttons. This was a gift for my friend Kathryn. She seems to be enjoying it already!

    Cowl for Kathryn

    I really like the pattern and found it to be a good blend of easy but interesting enough to want to knit it again. I probably have enough cowls but I could always use just one more, right?

  2. It Only Takes a Day

    December 17, 2011 by Crystal

    In less than an afternoon I managed to turn the fabric I posted last time into this:

    Averey's Dress

    It’s the Comfy Jumper Dress out of Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones sewing book. The pattern came out really well and I am quite pleased with how it looks. I will definitely be making more of the patterns from this book, there are a lot of adorable items in it! This will be gifted to my 6 month old niece for Christmas along with the shrug I knitted earlier.

    Averey's Outfit

    I think they look cute together!

    Despite the success on the sewing front, I did have a knitting casualty. I was nearly done one sock out of a pair when I discovered that it would be too snug to manage to give as a gift. I don’t mind struggling to get a sock on when it’s for me, but it’s really not nice to force a friend to do the same. These will be frogged.


    And to ensure I won’t have the same problem with the next gift, I am making a cowl instead. No worries about fit when it comes to something like this.

    A Very Braidy Cowl

    I found a pattern on Ravelry, A Very Braidy Cowl, which I think will be perfect. My yarn, RYC Soft Tweed, is a chunkier gauge but I don’t really think that matters for something like a cowl.

    And there is also progress on a pair of plain socks for my husband’s Christmas present. Yes, I know I just publicly announced that on my blog. But really, do you think he reads my knitting blog? I don’t!