Peaks Island Hood

January 5, 2013 by Crystal

So aside from the excitement of releasing my Magical Gnome Hat pattern, there has been a lot of other excitement around here.

Rowan turned one on Christmas Eve and was appropriately spoiled rotten. I think it seemed like so much more than was necessary because the next day she got even more presents! A week on I think she actually got a good amount considering it was to last her a whole other year.

She’s doing really well, nearly walking and babbling like crazy (although no real words yet). It’s so much fun having her around.

Aside from the joys of motherhood, I have been knitting A LOT. I made a load of Christmas presents, much of which I didn’t photograph. Plain socks and random hats just don’t seem to warrant all the effort of actually cataloguing the project. One knit this year was worth a few pictures.

Peaks Island Hood

This is the Peaks Island Hood by Ysolda Teague. I knit it out of Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran. I feel like the yarn worked really well with this pattern, so despite not finding a use for it for several years I am glad that I managed to pick up a bag of it when it was discontinued.

Peaks Island Hood

My sister-in-law seems to love her hooded scarf, and I liked it as well. In fact, I might just knit myself one now that I have the pattern. I especially liked that the hood is very innocuous when it’s not in use.

Peaks Island Hood

Some other mentions of note since the new year – I have completely catalogued all my magazines, pamphlets and knitting books and all of my needle inventory has been updated on Ravelry. It should be really easy to keep up to date now. I never thought I would manage to get it all done, but it has happened.

Now I get to focus on my resolutions:

- Lose Weight (obligatory New Years resolution)
- Meet knitting friends in England (going to my first knitting group tomorrow – nervous and excited!)
- Focus on getting more patterns published. The amount of work it takes to actually make a decent pattern as free from errors as I like them to be is astonishing.
- Spend more time crafting. It’s really easy to spend time cleaning, or relaxing, or sleeping, but to apply myself to crafting has been taking a back burner. I think it’s about time I claim some time back in the evenings to do what I love best!

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