Not For Me

January 16, 2013 by Crystal

Even though Christmas is over, I still had to do knitting that is not for me. This world is a cruel, dark, merciless place. The worst part is that they were SOCKS. Yeah, I know. Here I am with a massive personal sock shortage, and yet I have to go and knit SOCKS for someone who is NOT ME. The nerve of some people, daring to be born in a month when I generally like to knit only for myself.

Swirl Socks

I knit up a plain sock pattern with an added swirl in Knitpicks Essential, colour Grasshopper. The swirls are mirror images, of course!

Swirl Socks

They came out cute enough. No idea why every picture I have taken of this yarn is an entirely different colour, but there you have it. It’s actually lighter in person than any of these pictures would have you believe.

Now it’s back to my selfish knitting. I have the top shaping left on one of the cowboy socks, then I need to do an i-cord edging bind off and the embroidery on both socks. As much as I actually want to be done them, my mind is wandering and I want to cast on a new sock. One I will finish soon. One for me. One that doesn’t require a degree in quantum knitting to read the pattern or a crochet hook and yards of embroidery floss. What to do, what to do…

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