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  1. Results!

    October 1, 2012 by Crystal

    I can’t just talk about my motivation from previous posts and not show the results, can I? So, a post with results.

    I’ve finished the hat sample for my new pattern. Not sure if it needs testing or not as I have a random idea for it that I need to work the math out for. If it doesn’t work out I’m not quite sure how I will publish the pattern but I do want to get it out!

    Rowan (who has been growing like a weed and can crawl now!) looks really stinking cute in it!

    Magical Gnome Hat

    Magical Gnome Hat

    Can’t wait to figure this one out, hopefully I can get it out before the end of October on time for Xmas knitting.

    And here are some more shots of her in her BSJ, complete with the buttons I found.

    Rowan's BSJ

    Rowan's BSJ

    I’ve also been working on a selfish knit for myself. Finally getting close to having these gloves complete! I hope I don’t struggle on the fingers for the second glove. I hate knitting fingers almost as much as eating liver.

    Gloves, for ME!