August Already? Damn!

August 2, 2007 by Crystal

I can not believe just how fast this summer is flying by. I had all these summer knitting intentions and while I have been knitting vigorously, they just don’t seem to be progressing as I had hoped. Despite my negligent project finishing, I managed to get quite a few sweaters done this last winter/spring season that I am ITCHING to wear this winter. That’s right, I am actually going to wear things that I have knit. Not just hats and mitts and scarves and all other manner of accessories, but actual SWEATERS. I have a few more planned out that I am hoping to get done by January. The one good thing about New England winters is that they start late and last long, which is perfect for knitters like me that seem to never have enough time to knit everything they would like to.

Speaking of perfect, let’s discuss imperfect. This bloody cami is going to be the death of me. I knit and knit and knit and then I knit some more. When I was finally at the point where I could start the shaping, just when I felt like I would be done with it, I tried it on. IT IS TOO SMALL. Of course I knew that at least a week ago. But I kept knitting. I don’t think it was me trying to pretend I don’t have a DD chest as it was me trying to pretend like I will not have to rip out the cami. I know how big I am, I knew how small the cami was, and yet… I kept knitting.

Instead of ripping it all out and casting on more stitches, I ripped out to the ribbing and moved up several needle sizes for the lace part. It’s going okay. Because of the 4.5mm needle size it’s actually moving along a bit quicker than before (or it could be that every single commuter train I have been on in the past two days has been anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes late, but that’s a whole other story).


So at least it’s moving along. With the painstaking slowness that is the lace pattern. The boring, endless, eternal, intermindable, incessant, perpetual, infinite lace pattern. Kill me. Please.

Can you guys do me a favour the next time I post about a project and mention how it may be too small and/or too big? Can you please tell me to try it on. Force me if you have to, but don’t just let me wallow in ignorance. For the love of Christ, I am about to stab myself in the eye with my circs, the least you can do is try to minimize my pain. Even if I don’t listen you can at least get a satisfying “I Told You So” out of it.

As for other stuff, I needed some instant gratification in a bad way. A real bad way.

Baby Booties

BOOTIES! This free pattern is absolutely awesome. I am in love. It’s almost as good as the Norwegian Baby Hat pattern. Almost. Actually, I may love them both equally. Maybe by Friday you will even get to see them seamed and buttoned! Too cute. I almost want a baby just so I can put nice knit things on it. Then again, I guess I can put nice knit things on other people’s babies without all the hassle (and yes, joy) of having my own.

And just to make the cosmos happy with the magic number three, here is a third picture for you today. It’s some sock blockers I got. Woot! They are really nice looking. I kinda want to buy a bunch more, string them together and use them as blinds.

Sock Blockers


  1. Kelly says:

    Those booties are so cute, I love the colourway too.

  2. Yarn Number says:

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