And It Was Done

September 26, 2012 by Crystal

Well the gift fair went pretty okay! I came out in the black, which is always a plus, and I didn’t look like a complete idiot. Bonus.

Craft Fair Booth

I took some pictures of my booth, but they didn’t come out very well. Only two are not blurry! I blame the massive heat (it was soooo warm in there) and my nerves for the shoddy camera work.

If I was to compare doing gift fair type things and just selling online, I think selling online is more my style. I didn’t like having to be away from Rowan for a whole day to just sit there while people look at stuff on my table. It felt awkward. Really awkward. The anonymity of the internet is way more my style.

Craft Fair Booth

So now it’s a question of what I am going to do with all my excess stock. I think I will list the jewelry on my etsy when I get around to sorting that out. The knitting will be kept and given as presents as the need arises. And with my families birthdays all falling in the winter and Christmas coming up, I think the need will be arising sooner than later.

The best thing about the fair was that it got me crafting again in a major way since Rowan’s birth. I haven’t really done much but take care of her and the house. It has really spurred me on. I’ve been knitting things for myself, working on my designs a bit more, coming up with some new design ideas, making lists of things I want to complete and lists for what I need for the holidays, I’ve even organized my crating area and did some random mending.

Bascially, I have just been reminded that I am a creative person (and not just a dish washer and diaper changer). It feels good to feel motivated. What’s been motivating you lately?

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