Welcome to my about page. I am assuming you clicked on this because you want to know what this site and the author are all about.

My name is Crystal and I currently live just outside of Leeds, in the UK. I’m not originally from here – I am actually a Canadian by birth. My English husband and I moved here in July of 2011 after finding out we were expecting a baby! Before that we were living in and around Boston, USA, which is where we met. I moved to Boston when I was in my twenties and lived there for about 8 years. While I enjoy experiencing new places, I definitely miss my native British Columbia and I make sure to go back as often as I can to see my friends and family.

I have a lot of hobbies; most of them center around the fibre arts. My Grandmother taught me to knit as a small girl, but it wasn’t until I hit my adult years that it really solidified into something I became a bit obsessive over. It’s led me to crochet, spinning, dying, weaving, sewing, and beyond. I also enjoy spending time taking care of my home and family by cooking, baking, canning and gardening. Basically, if it’s domestic I am into it.

My main passion at the moment is hand dying yarn and fibre, and creating knitting patterns for other hand knitters to work and play with.