A Button and Motivation

August 21, 2012 by Crystal

So despite my lack of button-fu, I managed to find great buttons for Rowan’s BSJ. For the first time ever I will be entirely satisfied with the buttons on a knitted garment. It’s a milestone and I’m hoping that the luck continues on for the rest of my knitting days. Behold, the perfect buttons:

Button Perfection

Aren’t they great? I LOVE them. I just need to decide if I want to do all purple, all teal, or a mix like shown in the picture. Thoughts?

The other little bit of news is that I suddenly have some motivation to knit. Who knows what possessed me, but I’ve booked a booth at a gift fair (fayre here for some reason) and I now need to knit stock to sell. It’s been nice as I’ve actually been doing things with yarn the past week and feel good about it. I do have loads of time I can knit because Rowan is such a good little lady and likes to play and explore on her own for bits of time throughout the day. So yeah, knitting. Who knew!

Light and Shadows Cowl

This is a Light and Shadows Cowl I am knitting up to sell. I also have a few children’s hats and men’s hats done. The fair takes place near the end of September and I feel like I will have a decent amount of knits as well as some homemade jewelry I’ve had around the place for a while. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress!

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  1. smartygirl says:

    so how much stuff did you end up making for the “fayre” ? i have (foolishly!!) signed up for a table at a craft fair in october, and i’m wondering what i’ve got myself into…

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